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TRADEmark Waste Solutions offers businesses a wide range

of waste and recycling services. TRADEmark Waste Solutions

is an eco-friendly landfill free trash and recycling company.

TRADEmark Waste Solutions collection services are provided

on a customized scheduled basis from one to seven days per

week. The commercial customer is provided with a container

(dumpster) by TRADEmark. The containers range in size from

1-10 cubic yards


Commercial Services

Residential & Commercial Services Available

Serving Montgomery, Bucks, and Lehigh Counties

We provide commercial containers to any business, no matter how large or small the company!

Competitive Pricing


Single Price Invoicing


NO fuel surcharge


NO environmental fee


NO regulatory cost recovery fee


NO administrative fee


Meticulously well maintained vehicles

Newest dumpsters to maintain our customer's professional image