• 96/32 Gallon 


Weekly Curbside Collection of Residential Trash

Customers our provided with a 96 gallon Toter. This curbside collection cart is attached with a lid and wheels & designed for automated collection.

Weekly Curbside Collection of Residential Recycling

We provide each customer with a 32/96 Gallon recycling container. Refer to our recycling information for more details.

  • Our system allows us to pick up both recycling and trash at the same time, keeping less trucks on the road

Residential Services

Residential & Commercial Services Available

Serving Montgomery, Bucks, and Lehigh Counties

 Our Guarantee - NO price increase for the first year.

NO fuel surcharges, environmental fees.

One time delivery fees may apply for new customers

Military & Senior discounts available

Yard Waste Collection- We accept four items at each pick-up. We require grass clippings and leaves to be placed in bags that are less than 15lbs each. Twigs and branches must be bundled, less than 4ft. *No stones, concrete or dirt is permitted.

  • We utilize a fully  automated system that makes pick-ups both cost and time efficient.

TRADEmark Waste Solutions is proud to offer you weekly curbside collection of trash and recycling. We provide each customer a 96
gallon Trash Toter and 32/96 gallon recycling container. 100% of waste picked up at the curb is recycled.
Locally owned and landfill free, TRADEmark Waste Solutions provides the area with outstanding residential waste hauling services.

Go WithTRADEmark's

 Waste & Recycling Solutions

TRADEmark Waste Solutions provides unparalleled customer service and dependability. We are always trying to make a positive impact on our community. When in contact with a TRADEmark member you will receive the prompt, reliable, courteous service you deserve. It is the type of service that sets us apart from other waste and recycling collection companies.

Bulk Collection - Free once a week bulk item pickup

Examples include: furniture, carpeting ,mattress/box spring, grills etc. We require that covered electronics devices, metal appliances and construction debris be excluded. For additional or unaccepted items please contact our office.