Single Stream Recycling

Standard Plastics (1 thru 7)

​Plastic Bags

Aluminum cans

​Aluminum Foil

Metal cans

Steel cans

Glass bottles/jars

Cardboard (flattened)



Paper Bags


White Papers

Junk Mail

Recycling at TRADEmark Waste Solutions is the cornerstone of our waste management process. 100% of the waste we pick-up is recycled, reducing consumption of raw materials and saving energy needed to produce them. TRADEmark properly utilizes Single Stream sorting centers for recyclable materials so that they can eliminate the use of our natural resources. The future of solid waste management lies in the effective implementation of recycling programs, TRADEmark offers full-service recycling to manage a wide variety of materials.

Recycling Services

​Do not place recyclables in cardboard boxes

Empty out all liquids, Squeeze air out of plastic bottles

​Flatten cardboard boxes

TRADEmark Waste Solutions - Single Stream Recycling Guidelines :

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 Waste & Recycling Solutions

Helpful Hints :​

Acceptable Items :​​

  • We offer 32/96 gallon sized recycling containers to suit our customers specific needs!

No Shrink-wrap or Cellophane Allowed

No Plastic pails or paint cans

​No Soiled napkins & dryer sheets

No Plastic that doesn't have a number

on it.( Examples- garden hoses, zip lock bags, bubble wrap, soiled plastic bottles

and bags, single cheese wrappers)

No Soiled aluminum foil, Soiled tin cans

No Frying pans 

No Glass : Windowpane, plated glass

No Windshield glass

No Tires

No Covered Electronics ( Televisions, 

computer monitors, laptops, Please

call our office to arrange special pick ups on these items)

Unacceptable Items :

Energy From Waste

A Waste-to-energy plant converts solid waste and organic materials into electricity by the form of combustion, also described as "thermal treatment". Incineration of waste materials converts the waste into incinerator bottom ash, flue gases, and particulates. Boilers recover thermal energy in the form of high-pressure steam, which is then converted into electrical energy in the turbine-generator. The flue gases are cleaned for pollutants before they are dispersed in the atmosphere.

  • Single Stream & Cardboard Dumpsters To Suit Your Companies Needs!


Residential & Commercial Services Available

Serving Montgomery, Bucks, and Lehigh Counties